The new owner takes over the assets of the business;

Berrington took the basic plan and made it her own with a shopping list of upgrades. In the kitchen, she changed the appliances, added roll out drawers in the lower cabinets and a pantry wall. She added storage lockers in the mudroom, a gas fireplace in the living room and a sliding barn door for the half bath on the main floor.

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Canada Goose Coats On Sale For many years, I heard tales that Harold Lasseter, of the “lost” reef fame, actually bunked down for a number of years in Canberra. In researching for Olof Suitcase, Chris Clark not only confirmed that Lasseter lived in Canberra, but he also unearthed reports of a gold hoax on Mount Ainslie thought to have been orchestrated by Lasseter. “In either 1925 or early 1926 Lasseter began working at Canberra as a carpenter on the national capital site,” explains Clark, who adds, “he initially lived unaccompanied in the Northbourne Camp but towards the end of 1926, his wife and children joined him and he constructed a in the area below Russell Hill, near present day Campbell Shops.” According to Clark, “while in Canberra Lasseter regaled his workmates and neighbours with tales of the reef he discovered in central Australia even showing a map to some of his colleagues in support of his claims.” During the period of roughly two years that Lasseter lived in Canberra, he seems to have contributed to the community in various ways. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

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Canada Goose sale The Autolyse cafe and bakery have been closed down and the business’s assets sold to try to recover debt incurred by the previous owners. Photo: Mr Hayes closed Autolyse on Wednesday afternoon and told its 12 full time employees and 20 casual employees they no longer had a job.On Wednesday evening, locks were changed and fittings were taken out of the building on a prime position along Canberra’s eat street, Lonsdale Street. The new owner takes over the assets of the business; including fittings with Mr Hayes making the decision to shut Autolyse.Mr Hayes explained the sale and closure were the staff’s best hope for being paid their outstanding superannuation and other entitlements.”This is the only way employees’ superannuation will be paid,” he said.”My obligation was to maximise the return to creditors Canada Goose sale.

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